Before downloading any game intro the mobile phone, you need to check some useful details for each game. It same goes for the Hay Day game. The game is unique and it a virtual farming based game which amuses the person who loves to play farming games and also like to farm in real life. The game has all the necessary aspects of the farming which help every game to get the best of farming experience in the game. It also includes Hay Day Cheats to provide help to the players of the game.

What to do at the initial stages of the game

At the initial stages of the game, you need to login to the game first. Then try to collect some good number of coins and diamonds in the game to get the all-important progress in the game. Having a number of coins and diamonds in the game assures your win in the various levels of the game.

All the game currency is vital to make things of the game quite easy. Don’t dI some silly mistakes and use the Hay day cheats to dominate all the levels of the game by earning currency and winning individual levels of the game.


All the above lines are enough to understand the basics of the game. Use also internet help to make good progress in the activities and challenges of the game.

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