The Marvel strike force is a role-playing game and in which you will fight for protecting the earth. There are several heroes of marvel series. You can fight with a number of online players and get big achievements in it. The game is hand for all the players, and stunning graphics are making it more exciting. If you want to download it, then you can visit the android store.

The currency is playing an important role in the gameplay, and there are various currencies used like gold, power cores, and energy refill. They all are for leveling up in the game and for more amount of currency you can select the Marvel strike force cheats android. Such cheats are a good way for currency, and it is safe for us.  In this article, we are showing full details of all the currencies.


Gold is the prime currency for buying new items and leveling up the heroes’ performance.  The players will get high rewards through daily missions. By that, we can unlock some unique superheroes, and it will make you more powerful.

Energy refill

Energy refill is a quick way to refill the energy and gives us more active heroes. Such is beneficial for long playing in the game. You can regenerate some kinds of boosters, and that is good for smashing the more enemies.

Power cores

It is especially for purchasing all the other resources like refills, health packs, orbs, and more. It is also best for the leveling up and high amount of such currency giving us effortless playing experience in the battles.   

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