Fantastic Facts To Know About Dragon Ball Legends: Mobile Game!

Have you ever seen Dragon Ball Z episodes? If yes, then it’s going fantastic news that you can play the same show game. Every same character of episode used in Dragon Ball Legends game for providing more enjoyment to game lovers. One can download the game on iOS and Android devices. Go for playing various battles in 3D graphics to feel enjoyable. It helps all users to think that they are fighting real-life fighting. Fight with 1 to 1 player that comes from around the globe. Such characters used in the game are: –

  • Goku- a supreme Saiyan!
  • Vegeta
  • Gohan
  • Frieza
  • Majin Buu
  • Trunks
  • Cell

And all the characters in Dragon Ball Z episode used in this game to battle.

Unlock special moves

To fight with various monsters, a player needs to unlock special moves of their character. It helped them to win the fight quickly and beat the monsters deadly. Also, a player can use fierce combos and explosive moves to defeat the beast. A suggestion for all the DB lovers: power up the most famous character with special moves to crush the competition.

Summon system

Not all the characters are available to fight; first, one needs to unlock them correctly. Summon system is the single way to unlock your favorite character for winning many fights. Try to use more Chrono crystals (the premium currency of the game) for unlocking super Saiyan’s.

Every day a player gets a discount on the first summons by spending 20 crystals. If they don’t use it, they need to pay 100 crystals per summon. So, it’s better to grab the discount for unlocking various characters.

Complete each story

A player needs to complete daily different stories in order to train the character and earn EXP. Each character has different EXP’s and moves to defeat the enemy. You need to prepare them until the energy runs out. With that, one can simply complete the stories!










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