The Dragon city is a fun game, developed by Social Point for iOS and Android platforms. In this game, the players are required to make a world which is dragons. The player needs to take all the responsibilities of growing, reproducing and trained them to the fight in battles. The game has several features and options that help you in playing and winning the game. Through the aspects one can use Dragon City Hack for boosting the currency.

Through the playing section, players are required to manage all the dragons in such a way that help in winning aspects. Moreover, the player needs to build the city on the floating island and fill the island with farms, buildings, and dragons. You need to treat the dragons as small kids and feed them according to your aspects.


ü  As a playing aspect, you need to collect the 1000 awesome dragons for growing the city.

ü  In every week, new dragons join the game through the breeding process. Here you need to decorate the dragons with cold skin through special events.

ü  It is consist of several events and challenges that the players are required to complete. As the gamer will conclude the fact, they get some rewards which immensely helpful for further aspects.

ü  There are three main currencies of the game. These are Gems, Gold, and Food.

So, these are some features of the game that a player needs to know. Try these features and play effectively to win.

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