These days’ games become the best source to utilize once free time. Games are of different categories like action games, racing games, sports game, simulation-based, and many more. Among all games, one of the best categories is simulation based game. Not only is this in the simulation-based game also one of the most popular games is choices stories you play. After the same game is launched by Pixelberry, there are more than 1 million players who download and enjoy the game.

Size of the game is 79 MB, and users can easily grab it from their respective Game Stores. The game is available free of cost and also includes two main types of in-game currency in it. Mentioned below are two types of in-game currency that all users need to know about –

  • Diamonds – it is the premium currency in the game which the users have to earn in a good amount. Diamonds are earned by login into the game, sign into the game and by completing more numbers of storage in it.
  • Keys – it is another type of in-game currency in choices story you play. Players can also get the keys by using the choices cheats in the game. The key is used to unlock different and new stories in the game.

So, players have to pay more attention to the above-mentioned types of in-game currency and earn them in good amount to make progress in the game easier.


Concisely, in order to become the best player of choices story, you play you need to complete more numbers of stories. So as mentioned above making the use of Choices Cheats is the better option among all to earn in-game currency as well as to unlock more stories in-game choices story you play.

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